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Aktuelles aus den Rechtsgebieten

Verkehrsrecht : Der menschenverachtende amerikanische Präsident Trump
20.06.2018 12:25 (2648 x gelesen)

One of the most shocking news in 2016 was the result of the election of Donald Trump.

Even without prejudice against the USA it seemed to be impossible, so many Americans would vote for him. But even after he showed his supreme contempt for Women and veterans, he could become president!

Before it was said, americans are open-minded, fighting for democracy and human rights. In the last decades this opinion became more and more dubious. More and more another fact, the truth came up: Warfaring to deflect from internal problems, internal poverty, the widening of the divide between rich and poor, missing social basic standarts, an economy like third or fourth world. Delection from internal problems by creating apparently more important things to do, to fight against aggressors on the other side of world. Never human rights were of interest but economical reasons. That is, why the USA lead wars in some countries with recoures, especially oil or countries with strategical advantages. Only to gain leverage, never unselfish and never for the global community oder peace. And another purpose is, to spin out armament and boost the own amrmanet industry, the biggest in the world: And so the circle is complete.

The many lies of the USA and the crude, ignorant, illiterated, pigfaced pussygrabber Donald Trump did not have any discernible consequence. Now, in June 2018 history seems to repeat. Families are torn apart. Thousands of children were seperated from their parents and concentrated in camps. In Germany that happened some decades ago too. Aren't Donald Trump and his family refugees too? From Germany? Congratulations! And after Native People and First Nations People were killed oder also deported in a kind of concentration camps, are not all Americans, respectively the forefathers refugees?

I please you, everyone who has an oppotunity: Many kinds of Weapons are that easy to buy in the USA. Everyone, who realizes the facts and is honest to himself, must see, in the USA there is civil war again. Schools are fenced, armed police officers patrol inside, people die, because they cannot afford medical care, no-go-areas become more and grow. Policemen kill or maltreat coulored people without any reason. This development will go on faster and faster and Donald Trump is not at all interested, to stop ist. Quite the contrary he does, says and intends. Turn the weapons on the right guy and release you and the global community from this ulcer Trump. For Peace in the world. For freedom, equality and fraternity among the nations: This is an aspiration, which is worth it and it is hard enough to reach even without him but never to rech with him as the president of the USA.Stop that root of all evil. Prevent worse.

If someone would try to seperate my familiy and me, I would not hesitate... and kill him.

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